Warm Skies In Summer

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Warm Skies In Summer

Warm Skies In Summer is one of the new pieces I have been creating.

The series “Above The Canopy” has developed from the new view from my studio window where all the trees have been cut down (it’s ok they were a pest) what was left was one lone spindly gum tree – when you look out above the tree canopy there are always a few brave souls who strive to rise above the others. The new colour palette that is appearing in the pieces is taken from the intense colours of the Australian landscape – from the pink salt lakes to the green oceans. I’m beginning to build a world above – I keep imagining the view from above the tree tops – I think it must be a magical world.

This painting comes with a beautiful Tasmanian Oak frame 5.5 cm deep.

If you love this piece but it doesn’t quite suit your space, I would be delighted to work with you to produce an artwork that will suit you and your home, I enjoy commissions and it’s always great to know that this is something uniquely yours.

The painting continues the colour around the sides and comes with hanging hardware attached, it is signed on the front with ‘Lucinda’ and a Certificate of Authenticity from Lucinda Leveille Art is included.


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