The Red Tree

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The Red Tree

The Red Tree is a large vibrant statement piece from the New Perspectives range of works.

The inspiration for the painting comes from a poem by Thomas Stearn :

The Red Tree (exerpt)
The red tree, tall in its superior elegance,
effortlessly glowing, radiant in the golden light
like a fiery phoenix rising from it’s
sleek smokey ashes, reborn.
Leaves of scarlet and of blood moon,
young in mind and ferocious in spirit.
Rest delicately on the silver branches
of frail bodies, made ancient from time.

I just love the rich reds against the green/blues of the sky, set off by the orange/reds in the grasses in the foreground (the camera doesn’t quite pick up that orange here), the serenity of the painting comes through the painting, you could simply sit and get lost in the depth and quiet.

The painting is signed on the front with my name ‘Lucinda’ and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The artworks on gallery style stretched canvas, do not require framing as the colour is continued round the sides, these are ready to hang, however, a box frame on this style of canvas can dress the painting really well. If you would like the work framed with a floating frame just tick the box!


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