Sweet Fields

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Sweet Fields

“Sweet Fields” is a beautifully crafted oil painting that reflects a shift in my artistic approach, opting for softer, pastel colours with a focus on pink and aqua hues for this artwork. The piece is part of my “Elysian Fields” collection, which evoke themes of tranquility and idyllic repose, reminiscent of the mythological resting place of the blessed after death.

The artwork is professionally presented, framed in a natural wood floating frame that enhances its aesthetic while making it ready to hang. The attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident not only in my choice of artist-grade materials but also in the thoughtful packaging, ensuring the piece arrives safely and in excellent condition.

For those interested in a personalized artwork, I am open to commissions, providing a unique opportunity for collectors to own a piece that is specially tailored to your preferences and space. You can directly engage with me through our email facilitates and this makes commissioning an artwork a collaborative process, making the creation of custom art accessible and enjoyable.

Overall, “Sweet Fields” and the broader “Elysian Fields” collection offer a serene and visually pleasing experience, aligning well with my artistic narrative and commitment to creating profound, enduring art.


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