Forest Giants

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Forest Giants

Forest Giants is one of the new pieces I have been working on. I’ve decided to follow through with a series of these and have named the series “Above The Canopy”. I have simply fallen in love with this colour scheme and the way the tree trunks are highlighted in the eerie storm lighting that occurs when an Australian summer storm is about to happen. This piece shows that weird light that happens at dusk – nearly surreal.

Urban Forest by Jeanine Leane –

growing strong without notice
weathering each season
sheltering strangers shading streets
anchored deep reaching high
standing still always moving

  • Please note – this painting is currently being shown in the Art Lovers Gallery in Collingwood Melbourne and may be purchased through Art Lovers only.

If you love this piece but it doesn’t quite suit your space, I would be delighted to work with you to produce an artwork that will suit you and your home, I enjoy commissions and it’s always great to know that this is something uniquely yours.

The painting continues the colour around the sides and comes with hanging hardware attached, it is signed on the front with ‘Lucinda’ and a Certificate of Authenticity from Lucinda Leveille Art is included.

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