Butterfly Flowers In Green

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Butterfly Flowers In Green

Butterfly Flowers in Green is a watercolour playing with transparency and granulating pigments. This is one of a new series of decorator pieces I have been working on – you always need a little colour in a room.

The layers of similar colour layered one on top of the other make for a wonderful depiction of flowers, this time with poppies as inspiration and when the sun is shining through the petals from behind they really do appear luminous. These are in a gorgeous deep pink bordering on purple with little touches of pink on the pure white background -will be continuing on with the series of these – they are so enjoyable to paint.

To photograph the colour as close as possible to the original the background is not quite the correct colour – the background is the high white of the original watercolour paper.

The painting is signed on the front with my name ‘Lucinda’ and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Lucinda’s Studio.


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