About Lucinda

lucinda-exhibition-004-2My journey started at about 3 years of age when I first picked up a pencil and drew on my parent’s walls ! Apparently I soon received a blackboard as a present … I always new I wanted to be an artist, just like my father, his mother and her father.
As soon as I was old enough I applied to attend Art School, where I was lucky enough to gain a place, competition was quite fierce.  My course followed a classical form of training, which took five years of full time study and covered all the basics like anatomy, perspective and colour theory.
I moved to the Gold Coast as soon as I finished school and started to produce works which I took to a gallery in Surfers – the owner told me I had no talent and to go and find another career, devastated I didn’t pick up a brush for another 10 years.
For me art has always been about making something pleasing to the eye – something that you can look at everyday and find something new to see, make your day a little better for having that piece in your life.  If I am really successful, it will let the viewer escape to their own place for a little while.
I continue to to acquire as much technical knowledge about materials as I can, continue to experiment with different mediums, paint with groups and spend many solitary hours in my studio. It is all part of my learning process, my journey, what makes me paint the way I paint at this precise moment.  I have changed styles over the years, moved from realism to expressionism to cubism and back again. It’s not to say that this won’t change, it probably will, you never know where your paintbrush will lead you!


Art Diploma Qualifying Course – 2 years Sydney College of the Arts


Diploma in Art – 3 years                         East Sydney Technical College  



Gold Coast Show Society

  Painting Special Award- 3rd Prize   Painting – Highly Commended   Painting – Highly Commended


Building Company, Gladstone Photographic Company, Gladstone   Flinders Restaurant, Gladstone

  Painting Commission x 2         Painting Commission x 2         Painting Commission x 2


Gold Coast Show Society              Society of Sculptors – Gold Coast      Gold Coast Show Society

  Sculpture – 3rd Prize                   Tony Palmer Award             Sculpture – Highly Commended


Nerang Chamber of Commerce           Art Auction – Bali Bomb Victims Support

  Mural                                       Major contributor


Gold Coast City Council Library, Nerang

  Painting Commission


Italo-Australian Club

  Number of large Murals


Society of Sculptors – Gold Coast

  Highly Commended


Bruce Watling Galleries,  Gold Coast    


Gold Coast Show Society                   

  Pushing The Boundaries,                     Solo Exhibition

 Contemporary Painting – Highly  Commended Sculpture – Highly  Commended      


Mortimore Art Prize & Traveling Exhibition

 Sculpture – Finalist


Pauline Ewers Fine Art, Toorak Village, Melbourne

 New Works, Solo Exhibition


The d’arcy Doyle Art Awards

 Landscape – Highly Commended


Volunteer Coast Guard,  Southport,    Gold Coast

 Wall Mural


Gold Coast Show Society

 Painting – Highly Commended


Nerang Library 

 Artist In Residence – January 2016