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The Fear of Glazing

I recently met a gentleman, who now he has the time to paint and follow his heart and has been taking lessons (not with me!) .  He was talking about a painting he had been working on, where he was trying to differentiate the tonal values of a wall where the sunlight was falling on one part and the rest was in shadow.
I suggested to him that glazing would be the perfect way to simply change the tonal value of the shadow to appear darker without changing the wall, which had taken him a paintstakingly long time to depict.   He was terrorised !!!!
There is absolutely nothing intimidating about glazing …… it is simply the perception of it.  Glazing is probably the easiest of all techniques to master – it simply takes time and patience.
Glazing, put simply, is the building of layers of transparent or semi-transparent colour over dry underlayers.  It is a lengthy process if using oils, but the results are uncomparable.  It is the way the light shines through the layers of paint that gives glazing its amazing effects.
Many of the old masters used glazing : Rembrandt, Titian and Ruebens – to name a few.  Then of course you have Picasso – yes, even he used glazing in his famous work Guernica!

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