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Oil Painting Classes Gold Coast

Oranges in Paper on a table | Oil Painting Classes Gold Coast | Lucinda's Studio
Aground - oils on canvas - boat - ble

Oils are the choice of the old masters – some of the most well known works in the world were painted in oil paint.

Nowadays, there are mediums to allow your paint to dry in one day instead of the long drying time that we have always associated with oil paint. One of the other drawbacks has often been the smell ! Well no more! There are low odour paints, solvents and mediums all available to you.

Some of the most beautifully vibrant pigments come to life with oil painting – so if you have considered trying oils but were worried about the smells and the long wait between layers – there’s nothing stopping you now!

Classes are available for all levels – please just get in touch!

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