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Drawing Classes Gold Coast | Lucinda's Studio

Drawing Classes Gold Coast

Drawing is where it all begins – if you can draw – you can paint. Any serious artist begins their journey with a pencil in one hand and paper in the other. It’s not to say that you must start here – but it can certainly help with your art practice. I usually suggest that you begin here is you have never produced art before – but again if its not for you that’s OK.

Many of the disciplines that we learn as artists start with drawing.

Anatomy, perspective, tonal values and expressive mark makings are all basic skills that are essential to producing great art – are all learnt and practiced using the humble pencil before the artist moves onto paint and canvas.

Life drawing is one of the most important skills that an artist should learn –  we will often schedule life drawing sessions for a few times a year.

Really ? - pastel on Canson tinted paper - 76 x 55cm - $200 | Drawing Classes Gold Coast | Lucinda's Studio
Bagheera: The Hunter - graphite on bristol board - framed in Italian Wood- 95cm x 75cm - $1250 | Drawing Classes Gold Coast | Lucinda's Studio

Why We Draw?

Drawing is the first step in any art practice and really is the base for ‘Learning To See’

when you learn to see like an artist – nothing will look the same to you ever again.  Lines, texture, shape, tone and colour and the relationships that the objects in your vision possess are the staples of all artists. 

In addition, Drawing is a particularly relaxing past- time. Not to mention the affordability of drawing – what could be more economical than the humble graphite pencil and some paper?

Now, don’t forget that drawing also encompasses pen and ink, coloured pencil  and pastel drawings (not to be confused with pastel paintings!)  You also have an enormous array of papers to choose from – coloured, textured and printed – how exciting is that?

Smile Though Your Heart is Braking - graphite on Canson drawing paper - 30 x 42cm - | Contact Lucinda's Studio
Sunflower Resilience - pastel and ink - Canson Mi Tientes soft beige - unframed - $420
Don't Look - Graphite on Canson paper - sold
Determined - Graphite on archival paper

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