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Acrylics & Mixed Media | Lucinda's Studio | Art Classers Gold Coast

Acrylic & Mixed Media Classes

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is a relatively new medium to the world of art!

Most people starting out will often choose to begin with acrylics – but there is so much more to just simple paint! Acrylics have the versatility to be applied thinly, thickly, with added mediums and you can add a wide variety of mixed media with acrylic paint – not to mention the amazing array of collage elements available with this medium!

You also have paint pourings which have become very popular and then alcohol inks come into this category too!

Some beautiful work can be made using instinctive and creative accidents with these methods!than 

Magical Love - watercolour - unframed - 56 x 76 cms - $480

If you have some creative ideas you would like to put into action but don’t know where to begin – get in touch and be inspired in the studio.

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