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A quote from one of my favourite artists – Richard Schmid

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71336-fiddle faddleThe following is a quote from one of my favourite artists – Richard Schmid.   ‘Artists are lucky to be artists.  We certainly made decisions about entering the field of art, and most of us work hard at it, but we did not create the choices offered us, nor did we generate our ability or inclination to follow them.  We speculate endlessly about why we paint, but the primary reason we are drawn to our labour remains a mystery.  We should never forget how privileged we are to be given a passion for our work.
  Even if some have the effrontery  to believe that God or some grand design in the universe handpicked them to be artists, they can’t ever know why, much less take the credit for being among the chosen.
  We have received a gift.  That much is all we know for certain, and it is a precious gift, not be taken lightly.  Not only that, we also enjoy the freedom to express almost anything we wish in any way we choose.
  I believe all of that represents a trust, and therefore an obligation to act wisely and unselfishly.  In choosing our  subjects, let us think about what is important to us and what is truly worthy of expression.
I believe we should set our sights high. Great art, even when it deals with tragedy is always an ascending rather than a descending act.
Art at its best is a siblime vessel, hardly appropriate for taking out the garbage. In the end, no one really cares about our psychological problems or politics, and they certainly don’t want our preaching or grandstanding.
If we stubbornly pursue excellence in our perceptions and skills, we can offer paintings that are true in new ways.’ – Richard Schmid.

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