Short Courses for 2018

In 2018 there will a number of short courses lasting for approximately 4 – 8 weeks each. The classes will have a limit of 8 students each and start to be rolled out at the end of January.               Bookings are essential.

Introduction to Watercolour – This introduction to watercolour is designed to give the student an in depth understanding of the medium, associated materials and an exploration of the many different techniques that are available to the artist.                      Commencing  Monday mornings 22nd January 2018.                            This course will be repeated commencing Monday afternoons 29th January of the following week.


 Introduction to Drawing – This 8 week course will start with an introduction to drawing materials and will cover perspective, anatomy, composition and wrap up with a life drawing session. It will take you through what types of dry mediums are available to the artist, how to sight size, gestural and finished drawings.                                                                    Commencing Tuesday afternoons beginning 23rd January 2018.


Exploring Mixed Media – An 8 week course to introduce the amazing possibilities of working with mixed media and the different mediums available to the artist. We will be working  mostly with water based mediums, while experimenting with image transfer, acrylic skins, pouring, collage, wax, inks, different surfaces – the list is endless! Some materials will be included in the cost of the course (tba).  Please register your interest only at this time.


Mmmm... Mandies - oils on stretched canvas - 100cm x 100cm - soldIntroduction to Oil Painting –  An 8 week course designed to introduce you to the traditional materials and methods used by the ‘old masters’.  During the course we will explore the amazing qualities of oil paint and discover some of the tried and true techniques of oil painting like glazing, chiaroscuro or painting in the grisaille method. Classes will commence when numbers are reached – please register your interest only at this time, no commitment at this stage.

Realistic Abstraction – A 4 week course exploring the techniques on how to see in the abstract. Learn to see like an artist! Am considering holding this early evening for those who work – again please register interest only at this stage …..